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England x reader: Forgiveness :iconkuroshitsuji16:Kuroshitsuji16 17 3
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Hetalia x reader: That was shocking :iconkuroshitsuji16:Kuroshitsuji16 4 3
Dollhouse :iconkuroshitsuji16:Kuroshitsuji16 2 0
Hetalia Italy x Big sister! Reader
   The house shook as a large clap of thunder boomed through the air. With a sigh of annoyance you put the book you had been reading down and hurried to the kitchen, intent on grabbing a few candles because you had a feeling the power would be going out pretty soon.
     And you were right, as soon as you grabbed a few the lights flickered several times before the entire house was knocked into darkness. As you lit one you heard a large commotion on the stairs and what sounded like someone falling. Quickly you hurried around the corner only to stop at the sight in front of you. Your younger brother Feliciano was laying on the steps, crying and wrapped tightly in a blanket.
    Feeling your heart go out to your younger sibling you set the candle down and hurriedly walked up the steps to him. True he was a full grown man but that didn't stop you from pulling the whole big sibling card and you knew how much Feliciano hated the dark and thunderstorms. Some
:iconkuroshitsuji16:Kuroshitsuji16 26 3
Mature content
Hetalia x reader: Hide and seek :iconkuroshitsuji16:Kuroshitsuji16 4 3
Sister tattoo :iconkuroshitsuji16:Kuroshitsuji16 0 2
Mature content
Decim x reader! Comfort :iconkuroshitsuji16:Kuroshitsuji16 13 0


Magic night ~ Tribute to Unicef :icongenerazart:GeneRazART 1,094 88 The Guardians :iconryky:ryky 3,605 138
Russia X Suicidal!Reader: ....The Wilted Sunflower
The snow was grey.  Ivan watched from his large wooden chair as the snowflakes fell outside the frost framed window.  The fireplace behind him barely burned and failed to fight off the cold air that leaked from underneath the heavy wooden door.  Despite the discomfort that the cold always brought him, Ivan made no attempt to warm himself.  
“Ivan, please.” A voice swum through his ears
He turned his head to the side to see the worried eyes of his sisters enter his vision.  Katyusha had tears brimming her eyelids and it was impossible to read Natalias expression.  His dry lips cracked as he moved them.
“What is it?” He questioned
“Please, you need to move.” Katyusha begged
Ivan ignored his older sisters pleas and turned back to watch the colorless snowflakes plummet to the ground.  In the back of his head and in the tangle of twisted thoughts in his mind, he was barely able to make out the conversation that his two s
:iconississ-perok:Ississ-Perok 186 37
Why I love you (RWBY): Beacon teachers x F!Reader
For Glynda, (f/n) (l/n) was a listener. The professor could talk about her day to her for the longest periods of time and (f/n)'s attention never wavered. On days when they had some time together, she talked about her day. Her thoughts on the days sparring matches, the sheer amount of paperwork she had to get through, and the overall stresses that came with being a teacher at beacon that she wouldn't trade for the world. (F/n) listened to all of it. Gave her commentary, offered advice and became someone glynda could call a close friend. 
After these near daily talks, long after (f/n) was gone, glynda would wonder when she began to fall in love with her fellow huntress. When she was around, glynda felt her cheeks flush and chest ache and couldn't help but smile at everything (f/n) said. Every snarky response, every caring observation and exited outburst. Her lovely smile, her shining (e/c) eyes, her caring nature.
Her, her, her...
Glynda cleared her throat and took a deep breath. S
:iconsexyhipster66:sexyhipster66 16 3
Eidolon of Blossoms, Magic the Gathering :iconseb-m:Seb-M 1,673 67
Joseph Oda X Reader: part 1
Putrid, decease, blood, violence. Nothing more than that in this place, before Beacon wasn't quite this bad at all. You had worked there for 16 years now and you knew everything about it. Leslie was quite fond of you and now you had to think that he would be taken over by a dead man? You wouldn't let that happen. You may not have had a weapon, nor protection, but you had been learning martial arts for quite a while. You strode down the halls slowly and cautiously. Nothing but a lamp held the light for you. You heard slow footsteps behind you but decided to ignore, hoping that would get rid of its attention towards you.
"Human..." You heard a voice whisper from  behind you. You ignored and carried on, turning right and then pressing yourself against a wall. "Nurse... I'm a detective... Its okay." You unpressed yourself from the wall and watched him edge towards you.
"Who are you?" You breathed, not wanting to look up.
"Detective Joseph Oda... I'm here to help." He lifted your head
:iconfifiield:fifiield 14 3
Scooby Doo and the Crew :iconnakanoart:nakanoart 16,325 530
Flowers and Snow (Jon Snow X Reader)
You felt your eyes widen with excitement as Winterfell slowly came into sight. You had been looking forward to visiting this great stronghold ever since you had read about it in one of your father’s many books.
“Are you excited my dear?” Your father, Tyrion Lannister, asked as he rode his horse up alongside yours.
“Yes Father! The North is truly fascinating, and nothing at all like our home in the South” You exclaimed with a bright smile that radiated like the sun.
Tyrion smirked at your answer as you both followed behind the Queen’s wheelhouse as the King’s column entered through the gates of Winterfell.
You could hear the whispers from the crowd as rode pass. Most likely about the beauty of the Queen, the story of the Kingslayer and… the bastard that was the Imp’s daughter.
Upon entering the courtyard, you already knew that your father had snuck away, probably to the whorehouse. You didn’t mind too much but you were slightly
:iconmayasha-chan:Mayasha-Chan 24 2
Pearls in the murk (Robb Stark x Lannister!Reader)
"Don't look so dour, Lord Stark. I know you Northerners are a grim lot, but I rather like it when you smile. It seems a waste of a perfectly handsome face to have you scowling all the time."
Robb jolted and looked over at you, disconcerted to see the slight smirk resting upon your lips. He couldn't puzzle you out - your mother seemed like a cold, humourless woman, forever rolling her eyes at her husband's drunken antics, but seemed to approach all topics with a glib, slightly sardonic air. Not wholly dissimilar to your uncle Tyrion, as a matter of fact.
Robb felt his horse shifting uneasily beneath him and hoped that his own discomfort wasn't as immediately obvious. He wished that there was someone around who could hear what you were saying and explain to them what, exactly, you meant. Even the most innocuous remark like the weather (or how cold it was here, naturally) seemed weighted, loaded with double meanings that Robb was certain were there, but couldn't quite pin down.
:iconunluckyamulet:UnluckyAmulet 58 5
Waiting (William T. Spears x Reader)
You were sitting behind your desk full of papers doing your work, when suddenly you got interrupted by an annoying voice.
''Hello (y/n)~'' You raised your head up and reply to the amused read head.
''What do you  want  now, Grell?'' At first he looked at you confused, but when he saw all of the paperwork you had to finish, he simply smiled and continued to pester you.
''What's the matter, did you get overtime?'' his voice was in the most annoying tone you've ever heard.
You never liked Grell, especially when he was bothering you when you were working.
''Yes, now, would you be so kind and get out so I can finish my work?'' you said while glaring at him from behind your desk.
''But I'm bored, let's go do something fun, shall we?''  he slowly started walking towards your desk but he suddenly stopped.
You look at him and saw William standing behind him. Grell saw the shadow and slowly with caution turned around. When he was fully facing him, he received a blow to the head wi
:iconnika1122:Nika1122 41 12
halloween | viktor nikiforov
{halloween} daddy!viktor nikiforov x mommy!reader
It’s that time of the year when crisp yellow-orange leaves surrounds every place. And the day children wait for other that their birthdays and Christmas.
Both of your children were holding their father’s hands. The silver-haired male glanced over his shoulder to check if you were behind them.  Seeing your furious expression he chuckled and gave you a wink.
You weren’t angry because Viktor was hogging over your babies…well….maybe. You were furious because he had you carry all of the stuff he bought, their costumes, loads of them too and of course, candies. You don’t even know what their costumes are; Viktor tasked you to buy the candies while they choose their costumes.
You glared daggers at his head while thinking of ways how to kill him when the kids aren’t around.
Entering the car, you took your youngest from Viktor’s hold on your lap while the other on the back seat playing with Ma
:iconsarcastic-empress:Sarcastic-Empress 71 3
A Comedy (Part Five) - Dazai Osamu x Reader
Double Suicide
“So, have you fallen for me yet?”
You spat out the iced tea you were currently drinking, spluttering and pounding at your chest as you coughed violently. Dazai was staring at you with an impish, crooked grin from across his seat in front of you, and as if he had already predicted this extreme reaction of yours, he leaned his body to the side and narrowly avoided the discharge of spit and tea. Looking up at him with watery eyes that you wiped at with a napkin, clearing your face of the refreshment and tears, you grumbled incoherently to yourself.
“Thanks, I nearly choked and unlike you, I wouldn’t enjoy it.” You cleared your throat to rid yourself of the rasp to your voice before answering truthfully, “You should know, my heart truly belonged to you and only you once when I was young and vulnerable.” You scratched your cheek before peering at him with a wry smile that was both youthfully foolish and sharply self-caustic. “I
:iconninasmall:NinaSmall 20 14
Dazai Osamu X Reader ~Double Suicide~
I was seated at my desk in the Armed Detective Agency’s office with my eye twitching vaguely as I read the book which my colleague, Dazai Osamu, had basically shoved into my hands before he left with his partner, Kunikida Doppo, to solve a case. Dazai was a complete suicidal maniac and his current dream was to find a beautiful lady to commit double suicide with since he came to the conclusion that suicide should never be done alone a while ago. And oddly enough, that beautiful lady that he chose happened to be me…
Don’t get me wrong, I was extremely flattered(yet partially creeped out) by his proposal but of course, like any other sane human being, I didn’t want to die so I declined his offer… which led him to believe that with enough convincing, I would agree to his request. So every day after that, he would come up with new ways to convince me to commit double suicide with him and that day’s attempt was forcing me to read his favorite book which wa
:iconthedetectivediaries:TheDetectiveDiaries 41 5
Nazi!Germany X Reader - As Time Goes By
You pressed your lips onto his, as he held your face. You both parted and the German man sighed, brushing your hair back behind your ear.
"You won't be gone long, will you?" You asked, glancing at the band around his arm. The white swastika contrasted against the dark clothes.
"I can't say for sure. But I promise, I'll be back by the end of the week." Ludwig released his hands from you and stepped back. "Ich liebe dich."
"Ich liebe dich." You smiled sadly and watched him turn and walk down to the sidewalk, turning to head to the capital. You sighed, brushing your skirt down. You couldn't help but feel worried.
~You must remember this
A kiss is just a kiss, a sigh is just a sigh
The fundamental things apply
As time goes by~
"Ludwig!" You rushed over to your husband. You both were standing in the front lobby of the capital. You grabbed his arm and tried to tug him towards the door. "Mr. Ferry! His shop was just ransacked! All his valuables burned!"
"..." Ludwig pulled his arm away, not m
:iconthecorruptedpaladin:TheCorruptedPaladin 31 12
Horoscope series .:Libra:. :iconsakimichan:sakimichan 16,423 493 The Kings :iconwlop:wlop 7,489 165



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